The (Virtual) Great PUPkin Dog Costume Contest 2020

A global pandemic can't keep us down!
For the first (and hopefully last) time, Fort Greene PUPS will host the 22nd Annual Great PUPkin Dog Costume Contest online.



October 10–22: Contestants Registered their Costumes

October 23-26: VOTING 

  • Voting opens on the PUPkin Costume Gallery site at 10am on Friday, October 23rd and closes at 6pm on Monday, October 26th.

  • You—THE VOTERS—will vote online for the Top Ten Finalists! 

  • We've never had open voting for the Great PUPkin, so it will truly be a democratic process for the first time ever. And in this election year, it seems perfect that you—THE VOTERS—get to decide the winners! However, as with the U.S. election, just one vote per person is permitted. 

  • Voting is free and open to anyone, anywhere in the world. 

  • Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on voting.

Thursday, October 29th at 7:00 pm: THE MAIN EVENT!

  • On Thursday, October 29th at 7:00 pm, the Top Ten Finalists will compete in a livestream event that culminates in you—THE VOTERS—voting LIVE for this year’s winners.

  • All Top Ten Finalists will receive coveted PUPkin rosettes, but only the top three entrants will receive the glory and mega-celebrity that comes with virtual podium status ;)

  • As in years past, it’s FREE to watch the Great PUPkin Contest, but your DONATIONS to Fort Greene PUPS make this event happen.

  • Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages for news and updates on this livestream MAIN EVENT!



(aka the answers to all your PUPkin Questions)

FAQs: Voting

  • How much does it cost to vote? Voting is totally free! 

  • I understand that voting is free, but can I make a donation anyway? Absolutely! This is a fundraiser for Fort Greene PUPS (a 501(c)3) nonprofit organization), so if you’d like to make a tax deductible donation you can donate via Venmo or Paypal @FortgreenePUPS-Inc or here on our website.

  • When is voting open? Voting will be open from October 23rd at 10am EST through October 26th at 6pm EST. 

  • What am I voting for? You’re voting to decide who are the Top Ten Finalists in the 22nd Annual Fort Greene PUPS Great PUPkin Dog Costume Contest! The Top Ten Finalists will compete in the livestream competition to see who are the Winners of the Best Costume of 2020!

  • How many times can I vote? Each person may vote once per contestant/entry, but each person may vote for multiple contestants/entries.

  • What if I want to vote, but not enter a dog? Voting will be open to anyone regardless of whether you entered a contestant. 

  • Can I vote if my dog IS a contestant? Absolutely! Anyone can vote, but like everyone else, you may only vote once per contestant/entry, though like everyone else, you may vote for multiple entries/contestants.

  • I know PUPS is a Brooklyn organization - can I still vote if I’m not in Brooklyn? Absolutely! Anyone anywhere may vote.

FAQs: Livestream Event


  • When is the livestream event? October 29th at 7pm EST.

  • Where can I watch the livestream event? You can watch the livestream on the Fort Greene PUPS Facebook Page, where the event will be streaming live. Links to additional streaming locations will be added as we get closer to the event.


  • How much does it cost to watch the livestream event? It’s free! 


  • Will the livestream be family friendly? Absolutely! Our goal is to make the PUPkin a bright spot in this year so we’ll make it just as fun and family friendly as the PUPkin has been over the last 21 years.


  • What if I can't watch the Top Ten live? Will there be a replay? We want to say that the answer is yes but we’re new to all of this tech so we’ll get back to you with an answer closer to the date of the livestream event.

  • How will the Winners be decided? The viewers will get to vote and a winner will be selected DURING the livestream!

  • What are the prizes for the winners? The top ten winners will receive the coveted PUPkin rosettes and the top three winners will also receive virtual podium recognition. 


FAQs: General



  • Can I make a donation to Fort Greene PUPS without entering a dog? Yes! PUPS welcomes donations. You can donate via Venmo or Paypal @FortgreenePUPS-Inc or on our website


See you on Thursday, October 29, for the livestream of
the (Virtual) 22nd Annual Great PUPkin Dog Costume Contest!

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