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OUR (short) STORY

Fort Greene Park Users and Pets Society (PUPS), founded
in 1998, is a community of 1,500+ dog-owners who support both off-leash hours and Fort Greene Park.


Over the years, PUPS has:

  • Purchased trash cans for the park

  • Pioneered installation of poop bag dispensers and kept them filled

  • Held and/or volunteered for park clean ups, park planting, and drainage projects

  • Sponsored hole-filling, agility, and dog-wash events

  • Became a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

  • Installed a dog-friendly water fountain with the help of then-councilperson Letitia James

  • Produced tote bags and calendars featuring Fort Greene pups

  • Was a participant in the city-wide effort to codify off-leash laws in NYC


We continue to:

  • Sponsor quarterly park worker appreciation breakfasts

  • Provide drinking bowls to the human-only water fountains

  • Volunteer for park clean ups with our friends at FGPC

  • Hold dog-friendly community events in the park such as the puppy-meet, donation drives for local animal shelters, and our popular morning coffees

  • Sponsor the world-famous Great PUPkin, now in its 22nd year, a halloween costume contest for dogs

  • Continue to advocate for responsible dog ownership

  • Remain stewards of the park

  • Be the eyes and ears of the park as its most regular users

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