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Dogs are allowed off-leash in Fort Greene Park from 9:00 pm until 9:00 am.


Please take responsibility
for your dog's actions, by:

  • Picking up after your dog. It is the law ($1,000 fine for violation) and it's also just plain considerate!

  • Leashing your dog between the hours of 9:00 am and 9:00 pm. There is a $100 fine for violation of this law, which is in effect year-round.

  • Not letting your dog play in the tennis courts. Dog nails scratch the surface

  • Not letting them dig holes. Holes create a nasty trip hazard. If it happens, please try to fill it

  • Remaining near your dog when off-leash


  • Do not allow your dog off-leash unless you have trained it to recall.

  • Please (gently) let someone know if their dog has pooped and they did not see it. Dogs generally make one poop per park visit. Please pay attention!

  • Rotate the areas in which you let your dog play off-leash. The park lawns are fragile and we can help by rotating our dogs to less stressed areas of the park

  • Be attentive with your unneutered dog. Some unneutered males are aggressive or provoke aggression in other dogs. Females in heat should not be brought into the park, even leashed.

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