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PUPS has approximately 3 or 4 events a year, and we are always looking for more ideas (and volunteers to make them happen!) 

our annual events include:

  • Puppy Meet Ups

  • The Great PUPkin

  • Holiday Coffees

  • Park Workers Breakfasts

Check our social media pages for details about upcoming events, and visit our Flickr for photos of past events!​

If you have an event suggestion of your own, drop us a line at (Just remember if you suggest it you have to volunteer for it!)


PUPS is looking for a Sponsorship Volunteer to assist with gathering sponsors of all sizes for our annual PUPkin.


This volunteer should have a background in development, sales, or sponsorships previously and most importantly, a love for dogs! Responsibilities include:

  • Working with PUPs board and PUPkin Coordinator to update 2023 Sponsorship deck.

  • Kickoff call with PUPs board and PUPkin Coordinator to identify this year’s objectives and goals for fundraising.

  • Communicating with past sponsors and approaching new ones.

  • Gathering deliverables based on sponsorship level.

  • Assisting PUPkin Coordinator with signage creation and placement prior to and during event.

  • Acting as an on-site contact for all attending sponsors during the event. This usually means guiding them where they can drop their donations, set up their tent, etc.

Additional information:
  • PUPS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all of our events are powered by an amazing slate of volunteers.

  • Expected workload for this position is 2-3 hours per month leading up to the event and 3-5 hours per month around September & October.

  • This position is remote.

  • Must have strong written and verbal communication skills.

  • Must be available last weekend in October for event in Fort Greene park.

PLEASE REACH OUT TO to express interest or ask questions!

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